Top 7 Rules for a Great Night Out

September 02, 2014
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A perfect night out can take a lot of planning but a few simple rules can make it much easier to ensure that everyone has a good time. In a recent survey, Magner’s asked 1000 people what made a great night out and there were several things that most people agreed on. Whether you want to party in Bloorcourt Village, Corso Italia or St. Clair West, these great tips will help you get the party started right and keep it going all night long.

  1. Get outside: With so many of us stuck behind computers most of the day, it is not uncommon not to get enough sunlight. Meet your friends earlier in the day or on the weekend and make sure to get out there and enjoy the sunshine. The average person needs at least 45 minutes a day in order to get enough vitamin D.
  2. Mixed groups are more fun: “Alienating people within the group can be the biggest obstacle to a great get together, and so mixing single friends with couples, old friends with new friends, and men and women is the best way to ensure a really open and relaxed social atmosphere,” says social and psychology expert Emma Kenny.
  3. Eat a good meal: Always make sure to eat a filling and nutritious meal before heading out for a night of drinking. Not only will it prevent you from getting drunk too quickly, it will also help prevent or lessen the effect of hangovers and stomach upsets.
  4. Pre-drink together: If you are heading out to a loud dance club, start the evening somewhere quieter where you can actually have a conversation and catch up with your friends. Nobody enjoys screaming over dance music to be heard and the club is for dancing anyway!
  5. Drink responsibly: Nights that end with you making close personal friends with your toilet – or worse, the public toilet of the club or bar you went to – rarely end up being remembered as great, or even good, nights. Take it easy and have fun without pounding back shots like clockwork all evening.
  6. Leave no man (or woman) behind: If you all arrive together, be sure to leave together too. Most bad experience occur when someone who has had too much to drink ends up without their friends to help them avoid bad decisions.
  7. Dance like nobody’s watching: Because who cares? Tonight is about having fun not about impressing strangers with your awesome moves.

And if you have a lot of energy, we recommend that you spend a full evening to shimmy all the way down Ossington Avenue to where it ends at Queen Street. There is something for everyone, from live shows at the Dakota Tavern, classy patios at the Bellwoods Brewery to great dive bars like Sweaty Betty’s. Have fun!

Source: The Drinks Business
Source: Cosmopolitan

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