A rich and
diverse community

The Ossington area has emerged from an ethnically diverse, working class and sometimes troubled past into Toronto’s trendiest new “it” neighbourhood. Ossington has retained its village feel, with a smattering of cozy coffee houses, restaurants, boutiques, galleries and hot spots that add a truly unique dimension to the area. At one time the inspiration for the streetscapes of Lawren Harris (Group of Seven), the neighbourhood has redefined itself without abandoning its history. Today many of the storefront and building facades have been preserved, enhancing the village-like ambiance.

The area is populated by many artists and is home to a flourishing community of young professionals and a multitude of ethnicities. It has become a mecca of art galleries and fashion boutiques and is considered to be the best place in Toronto to find original local fashion. Some of the more popular stores include Peaks & Rafters, Angus & Company, Cindiloowho, Virginia Johnson, Ulterior Design Gallery, Ministry of the Interior, One Twenty Modern and C1 Art Space. Notice something? These are all “one-ofs” – no cookie cutter chains here – only authentic, individuality.