8 Places Not to Miss in Bloorcourt

August 26, 2014
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Bloorcourt is a neighborhood on the rise with new life entering the area in the past few years in the form of galleries, a diverse mix of bars and restaurants, and other businesses flocking to the area in order to take advantage of the lower rent and access to the Bloor subway line. Bloorcourt includes the stretch along Bloor from Christie Pits to Dufferin and is home to so many great restaurants that it can be hard to pick out the good ones. Don’t miss out! Take a look at our list of 8 places you should not miss in the Bloorcourt area.


Known as the King of BBQ Chicken, Sardinha is a Portuguese favorite in the area and thrives on the business of a motley crew of loyal locals. Featuring whole, spit-roasted chickens which are tasty, filling, and economical, it is famous for its spicy sauce made with vinegar and pepper.

Nazareth Bar

Just west of Ossington on Bloor West, Nazareth Bar is a friendly and small restaurant features a cozy atmosphere where you will always be greeted warmly. Try and go between meal times to avoid awkwardly waiting in line. Yes, the restaurant is very small so the waiting line is a lineup of people along the wall of the dining room. They serve a variety of Ethiopian favorites and offer plates of their most popular dishes in various sizes for groups. Don’t ask for cutlery, or you might have Nazareth herself hand-feeding you.


This Indian restaurant was a welcome addition to an otherwise nondescript strip of Bloor, west of Christie Pits when it opened. It immediately began winning over fans with excellent food and has become a mainstay of the area. Cheap and cheerful, Banjara features great service, fair prices, and excellent food. It can get busy at times so be sure to go early or be prepared to wait.


Only open weekends and Tuesday-Thursday evenings from 6-10pm, Bakerbots offers a selection of cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and macaroons but is best known for serving the best ice cream sandwich around. They allow customers to build their own sandwich by selecting a cookie from a wide variety of options made in-house and then selecting an ice cream from Ed’s Real Scoop. With a variety of interesting flavours of ice cream including Burnt Marshmallow, Guinness Stout, and Maple Bacon, this allows for some very unique combinations. There are suggested pairings available for the less adventurous and they are available in two sizes.

Drift Bar

A nice, affordable place to sit down and have a drink, Drift Bar is refreshingly unpretentious with friendly and accommodating staffers. Featuring a limited but great Indian-inspired, rotating menu and craft beer, it has a somewhat romantic atmosphere as well as a selection of board games to play.

Hogtown Vegan

This casual-dining, sit-down restaurant offers Deep South comfort food with a twist: Everything made and served in-house is 100% vegan. These entirely animal product free versions of Southern classics include chicken n’ waffles, mac n’ cheese, and the classic Reuben. While turning traditionally meat- and cheese-heavy dishes into vegan meals is a mighty undertaking, The Hogtown Vegan’s success shows that healthy and eco-conscious eating can be just as tasty!

The Ossington

This pretension-free community art hub is located in the old Gallery 61 north of Queen on Ossington. Dedicated to keeping the art community on Ossington going, The Ossington is staffed with neighborhood artists and feature a Thursday night “Shit Show” during which artist friends are invited to take over for some fun and welcoming chaos.

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